Women’s Theory Kiya Hair Pack Review

Women's Theory Kiya Hair Pack

Women’s Theory Kiya Hair Pack / Mask Powder for Dandruff, Hair Fall and Hair Growth | Natural, Aromatic, Ayurvedic Hair Mask

🌼Ingredients –

Onion powder 10%, Hibiscus Flowers 15%, Amla 15%, Curry leaves 10%, Neem 5%, Bhringraj 10%, Lavender buds 5%, Fenugreek 10%, Tulsi 10%, Mint 10%

🌼How to use –

  • Step 1. Take required amount of content and mix it with water to make a paste
  • Step 2. Apply the paste to the scalp and hair
  • Step 3. Leave it for 30 minutes and then rinse with water
  • Step 4. Finally wash your hair as usual

🌼My Experience –

Firstly I really loved the ingredients of this hair pack. I’ve used this three times and I loved how my hair felt after every wash. It does have a natural citrusy fragrance which may not be a good thing for many people but it almost vanishes after your q hair wash. It Claims to reduce hairfall and dandruff. As far as dandruff is concerned, I can’t really comment on that as currently I’m not facing any dandruff issue but I strongly believe that it’ll definitely help with dandruff as it contains amla. For hairfall, I didn’t really saw any difference in it. Maybe I need to continue this for a longer period to see a visible difference. Overall a great product at such affordable price.

MRP – 320 INR Net Content – 200gm
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