Vitalorganics Vitamin C with Zinc 1000mg review

vitalorganics Vitamin C with Zinc 1000mg

Vitalorganics Vitamin C with Zinc 1000mg for immunity

How To Use: 

You only need to take one dropper, 2 times a day, Place under the tongue, hold it for a few seconds and swallow. Can also be added to juice, water or any of your favorite drinks.

Features –

☞Best way to boost overall health of you & your family

☞Effective Immune support supplement

☞Also contains zinc. Zinc is a nutrient that plays many vital roles in your body.

☞Clinically approved

☞Free of soy, gluten, corn syrup, GMOs, and artificial colors and fragrances

☞Improves metabolism

☞More effective as compared to Vitamin c capsules


☞Good for Skin

☞Tastes good

It’s great to consume vitamin c supplements in liquid form rather than consuming it in capsules. Just one dropper is enough for the day and you’re good to go. Me and my whole family takes this supplement and it tastes really good. Also it’s easy to consume. Can also be mixed in water or any of our favourite drinks. It’s a great supplement option, specially in this current situation. Highly recommend 💯

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