Vedic Naturals Rosemary Essential Oil Review

vedic naturals Rosemary Essential Oil

Vedic Naturals Rosemary Essential Oil

Benefits of Rosemary Essential Oil –

  • ✨ Boosts Immunity
  • ✨ Relieves Pain
  • ✨ Increases blood circulation
  • ✨ Relieves Headache
  • ✨ Lowers Stress (by just smelling)
  • ✨ Promotes oral health
  • ✨ Mosquito repellent
  • ✨ Promotes Hair Growth

My Experience –

Initially I was confused as to how exactly I should use this but then I thought to use it for my dandruff issue. I’m someone who tends to get dandruff in monsoon season. I added few drops in a container and mixed with my Shampoo and then washed my hair. In the first use itself I saw 20% reduction in my dandruff. The shampoo which I used was not exactly for dandruff. Also I keep smelling it whenever I have mild headache or any kind of stress/tension and this instantly makes me feel good and positive. I feel like having a rosemary essential oil is so important in our lives for many reasons. There are many other ways that you can use this essential oil for. You can mix few drops of this oil with any other carrier oil (1 tsp of carrier oil : one drop of rosemary essential oil) and use it on your scalp for many hair benefits. This one from @vedic.naturals is just amazing. I highly recommend this 💯

MRP – 449 INR Net Content – 15ml
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