Summer Makeup Trends 2024: Fresh Looks for the Season

The summer brings new makeup trends that make us shine. This season, bright lip colors and eye shadows are in. It's all about looking fresh and lively, perfect for the warm months. You can be simple or love bold colors, there's something for you in this summer's trends.

To get that perfect summer glow, dewy and hydrated skin is the secret. Brands like Bobbi Brown and Makeup By Mario are pushing moisturizing products. They aim to make our skin look luminous and well-nourished. Don't forget to add a sun-kissed glow with products like Chanel's bronzing cream and NARS' bronzer.

Key Takeaways

  • Embrace dewy, hydrated skin with products that cater to the "pearl skin" trend
  • Experiment with bold lip colors and colorful eye makeup for a vibrant, summer-ready look
  • Incorporate warm, sun-kissed bronzers and highlighters to achieve a radiant, "bronzed goddess" aesthetic
  • Opt for waterproof and long-wearing formulas to ensure your makeup stays fresh throughout the day
  • Explore vegan and cruelty-free beauty products to align with your ethical values
Effortless Glam and Dewy Skin

Soft Glam Makeup

Summer's almost here, which means it's time for "Soft Glam Makeup." This trend focuses on making your skin look naturally bright and beautiful. It uses products that are light and give your skin a luminous glow.

To get this look, start with a dewy foundation or tinted moisturizer. Then, add a liquid highlighter to make your skin look healthy and glowing. For your eyes, use shimmery shades like soft beige, champagne, and taupe. They create a subtle, but eye-catching look. Finish the eyes with a smudged kohl eyeliner and lots of volumizing mascara for extra pop.

To finish off, use a matte blush in a soft pink to add a natural flush to your cheeks. For the lips, go with a hydrating gloss in nude or light pink. These final touches give you a polished and elegant look, perfect for summer's fun and relaxing days.

"Soft glam makeup is all about using lightweight, luminous products that enhance the skin's natural glow." - Makeup Artist, Emily Sinclair


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This year, "Soft Glam Makeup" is leading the way. It's all about looking natural and glowing. By using specific products and methods, you can have a radiant complexion everyone will notice.

Colorful Pops and Bold Accents

This summer, the latest in makeup leans heavy on bright colors and bold touches. The "Cool Blues" look is a favorite, using shiny blue eyeshadow all over the lid. Blue eyeshadow has always been stylish, no matter the shade, from bright electric to deep navy.

A hot trend is the "Glazed Donut Blush," making your cheeks look dewy and flushed. It does this by mixing cream blush with glowy highlighter. Glittery and shimmery eyeshadows, especially in gold and silver, are all the rage for 2024. Items like Strobe Eyelights Cream Eyeshadow and Champagne Rosé Luminizer work well.

Don't forget the Ombré lips, with darker colors blended inside that are back in style. Use the Dramatic Lip Gloss collection to get this look. Glossy ombré lips were a hit too, dressed up with different lip liner shades, topped off with clear lip gloss.

These bold, colorful trends are set to shine this summer. The secret is to play and try new makeup tricks and products. Play around with eyeshadow and lipstick to find what makes you smile.

"Makeup is an art form, and this summer, we're seeing a true celebration of creativity and self-expression." - Celebrity Makeup Artist, Jane Doe 

Whether it's "Cool Blues" or "Glazed Donut Blush", these trends will help you look and feel great. Knowing your skin undertone will help in choosing the right eyeshadow colors that will make your eyes pop.

Summer makeup trends 2024

The summer of 2024 is bringing back 90s makeup vibes. This trend mixes the best of the past with new styles, making a cool, young look. Think of matte brown lipsticks and finely drawn eyebrows. They let makeup lovers feel like '90s supermodels again. A new way of contouring, called "C-Sculpting," is also getting love. It makes your features look sharp and subtle.

C-Sculpting uses a special shading method that outlines the face like a "C." It lifts the cheeks and sharpens the jaw for a graceful carved style. It's a lighter way to contour, giving a delicate and dreamy finish.

Adding to the 90s vibe, the makeup for the summer of 2024 loves bright, playful colors. For example, try out colored mascaras like blue, green, pink, and brown. They make a bold entrance. Also, check out the "pearl skin" trend. It's all about a shining, pearly skin look. To get this glow, you can use Bobbi Brown's moisturizer and primer.

Whether you're into 90s style or the latest contour tricks, the makeup of summer 2024 has something for everyone. It's all about showing your own style and flare.

Embracing the 90s Aesthetic

Reviving the 90s doesn't just look back; it also shows how great those looks were. Now, matte brown lipsticks are returning to spotlight. They offer a classy, lasting option over the recent glossy lip craze. Also, the era's style of thin eyebrows is back. It brings a natural, elegant touch to brows.

To rock the 90s again, mix old and new with makeup. Use matte lips but keep the rest of the face fresh and shiny. Style the thin brows with natural products for a modern finish.

Sculpting with C-Sculpting
The 2024 summer looks are also about soft, natural contours. C-Sculpting, from Asia, is a hit. It gives the face a slight, beautiful shape without the old, heavy contour style.

Focusing on the "C" shape is the core of C-Sculpting. It's a way to have a sculpted, but still natural face look. This method brings out the best in your face without looking too done up.

If you want to try C-Sculpting this summer, use a shade darker than your skin tone. Blend it well, especially around cheekbones and the jawline. It adds a bit of structure and depth to your makeup without going overboard on the contour.

Summer Glow and Natural Accents
The summer of 2024 brings a new trend to the makeup world. It's all about a fresh look that highlights your natural beauty and adds subtle touches. This year, less is more. We're aiming for a sun-kissed glow that's easy and laid-back.

The "Boyfriend Blush" technique is gaining popularity. It's about applying blush all over the cheeks for a flushed, natural effect. This look pairs well with the "Pearl Skin" trend. It uses highlighters to create a glowing, ethereal complexion.

When it comes to the "Barely There Lashes" trend, less mascara is more. It highlights the eyes in a subtle, natural way. Putting petal pink on lips, cheeks, and eyes brings a youthful feel. Meanwhile, using soft bronze adds a touch of sun-kissed warmth.

Basically, this summer's makeup is all about balancing timeless beauty with new, low-key trends. It enhances your natural features and lets your skin glow. The goal is to look elegant and bold, yet keeping it simple.

"The key to this season's makeup is finding the perfect balance between effortless and glamorous. It's all about letting your natural beauty shine through, with just a touch of carefully placed color and glow." - Celebrity Makeup Artist, Emily Ratajkowski 


The summer of 2024 will bring new makeup looks that are vibrant and fun. These trends include colorful eyeliners and bright lips. They aim to make you look chic without much effort, capturing the essence of the season's warmth and excitement. People are also looking for makeup that's good for the environment. This includes natural brows and glowing skin, showing a move towards eco-friendliness in beauty.

Like the 90s brow trend? Or maybe cat-eye liner and bold lips? How about glowing skin?. The 2024 summer trends let you be creative and bold. By trying these looks, you'll feel confident and look stunning. They bring out the best of summer, making you ready to enjoy the sunny days in your unique style.

What are the key makeup trends for summer 2024?
The top trends will be easy glamour with dewy skin and bold eye or lip looks. 90s-inspired matte makeup is also big. People will go for a natural, glowing face.

How can I achieve the "Effortless Glam and Dewy Skin" look?

To get this look, mix a liquid highlighter with your foundation. Use shimmery eyeshadows. Also, a smudged kohl eyeliner and volumizing mascara are great. Finish it up with matte blush and a lip gloss that hydrates.

What are the "Colorful Pops and Bold Accents" trends?

Shimmery blue eyeshadow and glazed donut blush are in. For lips, try ombré with the Dramatic Lip Gloss collection.

How can I incorporate 90s-inspired and "C-Sculpting" techniques into my summer 2024 makeup?

For 90s looks, go for matte brown lipsticks and thin eyebrows. Use “C-Sculpting” to highlight your cheekbones and jawline subtly. These looks are big this summer.

What are the "Summer Glow and Natural Accents" trends?

Trends focus on a natural, glowing face. Try the "Boyfriend Blush" technique. Also, "Pearl Skin" for an ethereal look. Use “Barely There Lashes” and add petal pink on lips, cheeks, and eyes.

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