Recast Hair Serum review

recast Hair Serum

Recast Hair Serum – Hair loss prevention and Hair thickening therapy, infused with patented Procapil, Follicusan, Copper peptides and proven herbal extracts

Description –

This hair serum is formulated with active and effective components. It additionally contains the herbal extracts and benefits of amla, Bhringraj and onion. This hair serum has a powerful formula which contains a blend of herbal extracts. This serum nourishes your hair and makes them look healthier. Has a blend of patented actives like procapil, copper peptides and follicusan.

How to Apply –

Apply directly on the scalp and massage untill absorbed completely.

My Experience –

This product mentions that you need to apply it twice daily to gain maximum benefit but personally I don’t feel to do so. I like to use it before 4 hours of washing my hair & yes I did felt a little difference in my overall hairfall after washing them. In simple terms, I suffered from less hairfall whenever I applied this serum on my scalp as compared to those times when I skipped this serum. Can’t really comment on hair thickening part just because I’m born with thin hairs and I guess no product can make my hair thick because it is genetic. I saw a difference even in the first use itself. Overall, a must try product. Also, it is free from artificial fragrance but do have a natural citrusy fragrance which I felt like refreshing (but gave headache to my mom when she applied it). It do have am overpowered fragrance but that’s just because it’s natural and contains no other artificial fragrance.

Pros –

😀It contains extract of amla, bhringraj and Onion.
😀Free from alcohol & artificial fragrance
😀Powerful & active ingredients for improved Haircare
😀Non-sticky & non-oily
😀Convenient packaging
😀Great quantity for price

Cons –

  • 🙇Some people may not like it’s fragrance
  • 🙇Shall be used continuosly in order to gain maximum benefit

MRP – 645 INR Net Content – 100ml

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