Kaina’s Ubtan Body Polishing Kit

Kaina’s Ubtan Body Polishing Kit

1. Ubtan body scrub – 

Contains some amazing handpicked herbs infused with Ubtan that refines and rejuvenates your skin by removing the dead skin cells.

2. Ubtan Body gel –

This body gel is used to massage your body, it moisturises your skin while giving it a relaxing effect. It is non greasy which makes the process very easy.

3. Ubtan Body Mask – 

Excess heat can leave your skin tanned with a lot of blemishes, this Ubtan Body Mask is infused with organic herbs that has some cooling properties that keeps your skin off from acne and spots.

4. Saffron Body Lotion – 

It contains a natural soothing fragrance and gives your skin the needed moisture. Also contains olive oil and cold-pressed tea tree oil which improves elasticity and gives a natural radiance to your skin.

Retails for Rs.1159/- (on Amazon)

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